Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



COVID-19 Signage + Toolkits

COVID-19 Safety Toolkit Updated 10/16/2020
PPE Guidance Posters Updated 10/16/2020

PPE Resources for Hotels

COVID-19 Donning + Doffing for Hotel Updated 06/03/2020
PPE Guidance for Take Care Hotels Updated 04/26/2020
PPE Ensemble for Hotel Staff Updated 06/11/2020
Webex COVID-19 PPE Resources for Hotels Updated 06/03/2020

PPE Resources for Test & Trace Corps

Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment of Community Engagement Staff Updated 10/22/2020
Monitor Your Health Guidelines Updated 12/28/2020
PPE Donning + Doffing Updated 05/26/2020
PPE Guidance Job Action Sheet Updated 07/13/2020
Cleaning Disinfection Electronic Devices Updated 07/13/2020
Preventing Cross Contamination Updated 07/13/2020

PPE Training Videos for Test & Trace Corps

Doffing Facemask
Doffing Faceshield + Disinfection and Storage
Doffing Gloves
Doffing Goggles + Disinfection and Storage
Donning PPE
Donning Reused PPE
Hand hygiene video

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