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The Bright Horizons program, including Sittercity, has ended.The City is offering a free summer program called Summer Rising.

Free Summer Rising Program Available for all NYC Residents in Grades K-12.

NYC DOE in collaboration with the Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD) created a free summer program for any child in grades K-12 called, Summer Rising. This program is available to all students who are NYC Residents, including students with disabilities. The program provides academic and school-enrichment programming, including field trips, art activities, and outdoor recreation.

The program is designed to be a bridge to the upcoming school year, providing students an opportunity to engage with their peers and reacclimate to a school environment as the program will operate in hundreds of DOE buildings across NYC. Students will receive breakfast and lunch daily, and the schools will follow strict safety protocols. Bussing will be provided to eligible students attending a Summer Rising program.

Summer Rising: Grades K-8 Registration

If you want to learn more about the program and read their Commonly Asked Questions, click here. You can register your child in grades K-8 via the City’s Summer Rising page.

If your child attends a NYC DOE school, follow the below steps to register. If your child is a New York City resident who does not attend a DOE school, you should apply to a program that is in your neighborhood. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis.

  1. Visit the City’s Summer Rising website.
  2. Create an account on the website.
  3. Search for your school’s program using discoverDYCD's search tool.
  4. Make sure the Summer Rising box is checked.
  5. Find where your school’s program is located this summer by entering your school’s name or DBN, your address, or zip code in the appropriate search fields.
  6. You can view search results in a list or on a map. To view on a map, click the “Use map location” box.
  7. Select your school’s program. Click expand to see more information about the program, such as grade level requirements and supported languages. Note: Not all schools are able to stay in their home building this summer. Be sure to look at the program’s address before applying.
  8. To apply, click “Add to list.”

Summer Rising: High School Registration

Parents of high school students can identify summer sites via the Summer High School Course Finder. This tool allows schools, students, and families to search for summer courses by high school name, zip code, borough, subject, or course type. Parents should contact schools directly to find out when courses start and end, and how to enroll.

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