Child Care Leave

The NYC Health + Hospitals grants non-discretionary, unpaid, non-job-protected leaves of absence for eligible male or female employees for a period of up to forty-eight (48) calendar months who become the parent of a child by birth or adoption up to four (4) years of age. The maximum length of child care leave is forty-eight (48) months is limited to one instance only.  The subsequent child care leaves granted to an eligible employee shall be limited to a maximum of thirty-six (36) months each.

Eligibility For Child Care Leave of Absence

  1. All Group 11 employees; and
  2. Group 12 employees covered by the Citywide Contract.
  3. Eligibility includes employees above whose registered domestic partner becomes the parent of a child up to four (4) years of age by birth or adoption.
  4. Employees who are not eligible include prevailing rate employees and House Staff who receive child care leave as provided in applicable collective bargaining agreements and the Family Medical Leave Act.
  5. To be eligible, the leave must be to care for a child who is under four (4) years old.   


Employees should use the links below to obtain the forms to request Child Care Leave of Absence (CCLOA).