COVID-19 Guidances and Policies

Summary of Recent Changes

  • Discontinuation of Transmission-based Precautions for Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infection - Updated guidance for discontinuing isolation in the inpatient and ambulatory settings, including procedural, diagnostic, treatment and other clinical areas..
  • Visitor Management - Updated guidance and steps to screen and manage visitors/support persons prior to and during visitation.
Guidance for Mitigation of Hospital On-Set of COVID-19 Infection in Inpatient Units                 Effective 05/18/2022
Isolation Guidelines Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions                 Effective 1/28/2022
Return to Work Criteria for Health Care Personnel with Suspected or Confirmed Exposure to COVID‐19                 Effective 2/11/2022
Long COVID-19 Guidance                 Effective 12/09/2021
Reducing Prevalence of lnfluenza During COVID-19 Pandemic                 Effective 09/26/2022
Influenza & COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Clinical Guidance                 Effective 09/13/2021
COVID-19 Workplace Guidance                 Effective 02/16/2023
Monoclonal Antibody SOP                 Effective 04/01/2021
Aerosol Generating Procedures                 Effective 10/08/2020
COVID-19 Contact Tracing                 Effective 10/21/2020
Clinical Management and Evaluation of Suspected & Confirmed COVID-19 Patients                 Effective 10/18/2021
Screening and Safety for Contracted Trades Staff                 Effective 12/09/2021
Preventing Spread of COVID-19 in Breakrooms                 Effective 09/29/2020
                Effective 01/10/2022
                Effective 01/10/2022
Evaluation of Patients Under Investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 and Confirmed with COVID-19                 Effective 09/29/2020
Discontinuation of Transmission Based Precautions COVID-19                 Effective 01/27/2022
Terminal Cleaning of COVID 19 Positive Units Areas                 Effective 05/05/2020
Controlled Air Purifying Respirator CAPR Guidance                 Effective 04/03/2020

Vaccine Accommodation

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