Transit Benefit

NYC Health and Hospitals offers employees a voluntary transit program to fund the purchase of various commuting options such as MetroCards, transit passes, parking and etc. Under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 132, NYC Health and Hospitals is able to provide programs through which an employee can pay for work-related commuting (up to $300 pre-tax a month in 2023) and parking (up to $300 pre-tax a month in 2023) with payroll deductions. This reduces the employee’s payroll tax withholdings, thereby saving the employee money.

As of March 1, 2023, NYC Health and Hospitals is working with a new commuter benefits provider, Edenred Benefits. Edenred offers a modern user experience, exceptional customer service, a contactless card and micromobility commuting options. Edenred is the also the commuter benefits provider for many other New York City agencies.

Through pre-tax payroll deductions to Edenred, employees can choose to:

  • have their monthly/annual transit passes or vouchers mailed to their home address
  • select a prepaid Mastercard allowing employees to purchase transit fare or pay for parking
  • have parking and vanpools paid directly by Edenred from your available account funds
  • get reimbursed for out of pocket parking expenses

Popular New York City product offerings include:

Commuter Prepaid Mastercard for Transit & Parking (Commuter Card) - A prepaid Mastercard that allows employees to purchase transit fare from an approved transit provider (i.e. a MetroCard vending machine) and/or pay for parking expenses at an approved parking facility, all with the same card.


  • Transit - Restricted to $127 per month - No Fee
  • Transit - Unrestricted amount other than $127 - Monthly fee of $1.60
  • Parking - As indicated by the employee’s need - Monthly fee of $2.05

MTA Annual Transit Card - The MTA Annual Transit Card allows employees unlimited rides on NYC regular (non-express) busses and subways for up to 12 consecutive months. Employees will receive one card for the year.

  • Cost: $127 per month - No fee

Transit Passes - Edenred can facilitate transit passes and tickets mailed directly to employees home address each month. This can save employees time by avoiding long lines to purchase transit passes.

  • Cost: As indicated by the employee’s need - Monthly fee of $2.05

Micromobility – Utilize bikes or e-scooters for your commute to work

  • Cost: As indicated by the employee’s need - 2% processing fee will be added to the order amount at the time the employee places the order.

Enroll in Edenred Benefits Now

Edenred is a self-managed benefit. This means new employees must first create an account on the Edenred website, then place an order. Edenred will send a notification to the NYC Health and Hospitals payroll department to start employee deductions. Existing employees who were transitioned from the previous vendor WageWorks/TransitChek to Edenred must also create an account to update, cancel or change their benefit election. NYC Health and Hospitals does not need to get involved. It’s that simple!

To create an account, click here and follow the instructions below:

  • Select ‘Employee’ and click next
  • Select ‘New User Sign up’
  • Enter your company ID: 47911 and click next
  • Enter your first name, last name, and home zip code exactly as is appears on your employer’s records and click next
  • Confirm your email address as your username, and create a password

To make changes to an existing order, log in to your Edenred Benefits account and: Select ‘My Dashboard’ from the side menu

  • Select ‘Place an order’ from the side menu
  • Select your commuting option from the list of categories (see below) and follow the instructions to complete your order


Public & Shared Transportation options:

  • Train: Subway, commuter rail and trolley services
  • Bus: Use a prepaid card to purchase fair or a pass from your local transit authority
  • Van Pool: Vans that hold 6 or more passengers
  • Ferry: Water taxi and other options available


  • Bikes & eVehicles: use a prepaid card to pay for purchases at bike shops as well as bike sharing, e-scooter rentals and e-moped rentals

Parking Options:

  • Edenred Benefits Prepaid Mastercard: Use to pay for parking at parking facilities where debit Mastercard is accepted
  • Direct Pay: Have Edenred pay your parking facility directly
  • Reimburse Me: Get reimbursed for your out of pocket parking expenses

Please note, orders and changes to existing orders must be completed in your Edenred account before midnight of the 4th of each month to be in effect on the first of the following benefit month.

To learn more about Edenred and get answers to some most frequently asked questions, visit the Edenred/H+H microsite by clicking the bar below! From the microsite, you can access the Edenred website to create an account or place an order.

*Please note: as of March 1, 2023, NYC H+H has ended its partnership with commuter benefits provider WageWorks (also known as Health Equity or TransitChek). WageWorks benefits were available until February 28, 2023 and employee accounts were transitioned to Edenred. Any pre-tax balances left over after February 28th have been moved to your new Edenred account. Employees can access these funds beginning in April of 2023 for transit and parking expenses. Any pre-tax credit balances to place an order will be accessible for the May 2023 benefit month. All employees will receive new Edenred cards or transit passes in the mail. Please create an online account and log in to verify your information and order. Contact Edenred Customer Service with any questions or concerns at (888) 235-9223.